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Exhibits Scope
1. Carbon fiber products: applied to sporting goods, outdoor leisure products, medical equipment, photographic equipment,
luggage, intelligent helmets, fishing rods, musical instruments, glasses, communication equipment, UAV, automobile lightweight,
automobile refitting, motorcycles, bicycles, ship yachts, sound products, robots, amusement facilities, intelligent wear, craft gifts,
wind turbine blades, wires and electricity Carbon fiber products and carbon fiber accessories for cable, electronic components,
electrical equipment, industrial equipment, high-end equipment, advanced model, rail transit, aerospace, mechanical shrapnel,
chemical equipment, bullet proof and explosion-proof, bionic products, building reinforcement and reinforcement,
high-pressure resistant pipeline, new energy, automation equipment and other industries.

2. Carbon fiber semi-finished products: all kinds of carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber board, carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber sheet,
carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber felt, carbon fiber strip, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber heating wire,
carbon fiber CNC processing parts, carbon fiber shaped parts, etc;

3. Carbon fiber materials and additives: carbon fiber raw silk, carbon fiber powder and related resins, release agents, additives, etc;
4. Cutting equipment, forming mold, machining equipment, testing equipment, etc. required in the production process of carbon fiber.

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